Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Preach Hard Things


Jaimie Krycho said...

Two things:

1. Yes, most people--myself included--are ignorant of deeper, easily pass-over-able subjects such as the Trinity. I will not blame that on preachers, but there is a hunger and a need for that kind of education. Also, deeper *personal* study is good, too.

2. The Bible as a whole is a "hard thing," methinks. :) Perspectives has been profitable for me; I see that the weighty and glorious message of the gospel IS the Bible, from beginning to end! Awesome!

benarbour03 said...

Great post. Not to be nitpicky, but the context of Hebrews 4 actually tells us that "the Word of God" is Jesus, not the Bible. All the more reason to preach hard things. In fact, the task of preaching itself is hard--it requires dilligent study, preparation, time, hard work, etc. And, Christology is difficult--Jesus is a sword, sharp, and One who cuts...

Thanks again for the thoughts.

Christopher Krycho said...

Ben—quite right. I actually meant to note as much, and forgot to. I remembered to say what the Word isn't in that passage, but not who He is. *sigh* Thanks for the comment... you're sharpening me.

Jaimie—I agree that the Bible is a hard thing, and you're right to note how the teaching of Scripture is unified, coherent, and whole. That makes teaching it well incredibly demanding work, but work that must be done if we're going to know God well. So we pray for preachers who will teach the word in its entirety. And thanks for clarifying that you're not being argumentative!

David Daniels said...

Good points on all three counts, Chris. To elaborate on your point about Hell, I'd like to recommend that you read an article on Hell called That Hideous Doctrine by John Thomas, which can be found here: http://hellwrecker.com/hideous.htm

This article paints a very intense (for lack of a better word) picture of what Hell is like, and it definitely enhanced my understanding of the idea behind the place.

I think everyone (and especially preachers) should read That Hideous Doctrine before trying to articulate about such a difficult subject as Hell.

Christopher Krycho said...

David—thanks for the comment, and I found that an interesting read, and a thoughtful take on just how bad Hell is. I took minor issue with his gliding over the fact that Hades and Hell aren't the same thing, but on the whole I thought he addressed the issue much more clearly than most are accustomed to doing.

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